Compatible with all larger vans such as

Sprinters, Crafters, Movanos, Boxers, Transits, Relays and more.

Downloadable Specification Sheet and Assembly Guide coming soon!

Please contact us directly for dimensioned drawings.

Swale Benches

Comfy seating, a huge bed and a large socialising area, all in one!

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Extra capacity, strong and sturdy rear drawer that can hold just about anything, including a SUP!

Seating! Comfortable seating for 5+ people on generously proportioned sofas which convert to a luxurious bed.

Extra pop-up berths! Combine with our Ribble Bunks so that you can fit the whole family, but keep the space light and airy during the day.

Back door views, from the comfort of your very own sofa.

campervan upholstery
campervan upholstery

Personalise your space, with custom upholstery & comfortable 100mm thick foam. Choose from a range of hardwearing upholstery fabrics.

Prices vary depending on specification and size. Please see the price list located on our Shop page for details.

Please contact us and we will tailor a quote to your specific preferences.

The Swale Benches are a Registered Design by Contour Campervan Furniture Ltd.